The main point of the Müüska furniture is a kind of reinterpretation of the contemporary art, where the furniture itself is the alternative frame of the original masterpiece, this way for us to shape the proper art portfolio is one of the most important task.

Our portfolio involves 19 artists and nearly 100 masterpieces, and with the help of our adept expert team we are constantly looking for those artists and masterpieces, which can be poper for the Müüska Art Home design furniture in their intellectuality and level and can be caracteristic enough. They also must be open to a brave cooperation. For an artist it can be a great challenge to let his masterpiece out from the safe of the linen into the everyday life, and finally let it use…. That is why we want to highlight the role and importance of the artists in every context and on every forum, because if they aren’t, there isn’t Müüska Art Home furniture.