Ágnes Szabó
Ágnes Szabó


The painting of Agnes Szabo is a challenge for our sight. Her aim is not only to see the pictures but discover the different flakes. The unique tools (methods) of the appearance are a great challenge for us, but the original expression of the topic is also notable.

In this inspired world every person has a different aim, that we would expect traditionally. E.g. number of part of the body defined with features of the plants. Apart from this she loves illustrating animals, but for the first impression they seems to be fabulous. They are equipped with human features, and usually they are shown in a closed area. This kind of transformation appears in every masterpiece of Agnes Szabo even they are the elements of the natural environment or simple objects. Additionally she deals with blowing up of material or natural patterns, which are organized in repetitive system. Using the op-art tools the patterns make a coherent whole.


image09 szala_2_v2