Andrea Knopf

My figures represent a kind of “GAG” or criticism against the stereotypes conveyed by the media.
I graduated in 2013 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. In 2012 I was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to the London Chelsea College of Art and Design. Also in 2012 I obtained my second degree from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a Painter. My master was Orsolya Drozdik. Between 2003 and 2007 I conducted my studies at Pécs Arts Secondary School, with a specialisation in painting. My teacher there was Amarilla Knyihár.

Upon starting university I got closer to my current form of expression, figural painting. My permanent characters are the female models of fashion photos, who appear in magazines and advertisements with a distorted or hidden personality. In other words, I fill up these beauty idols with special meanings, which in most cases are the prints of my subjective experiences. This way while painting I am also analysing myself, becoming one with the female characters of my pictures. To be able to create honest pictures, I need to imagine what the topic or subject of the picture would be like if it came to life. I always enjoy being part of a surreal, idealised world; or climbing the stairs of reality in my mind, which could fall down any time. In the changes of my pictures you can track my current mood, my experiences from every-day life and my respect towards painting.

Andrea Knopf’s works

Home, sweet home

Home, sweet home 2

Osztott figyelem