According to the Müüskas, life is wonderful, exciting and full of joy. Even if that’s not always the case. Art helps us to push on, enjoy life, and to feel glee or sorrow. This is key, as art reveals a different – perhaps more inspiring – side of things, thus teaching us to truly interpret, or rather re-interpret. The core concept of MÜÜSKA entails bringing contemporary art off the walls and “using” it. Does this sound weird? We don’t care. We despise conventions. To this end, we obtain pictures from artists in order to transform them into thrilling, furniture-shaped pieces of art. Through our custom-made, unique pieces, we smuggle contemporary art into people’s everyday lives. What’s the point? This way, art is brought close to you, interacts with you and brings you joy. And this is what matters at the end of the day.

We all have our own obsessions

This is mine.