MÜÜSKA Art Home story

According to the Müüskas, the life is nice, interesting and funny. Even not always. Art and design helps us to define, to enjoy, to be happy and to be sad. It is important, because it shows us the same thing but maybe in a more interesting way and this way we can learn how to redefine. According to the conception of Müüska bring the contemporary art down from the walls and use it.We ask the pictures from the artists to transform them into furniture shaped interesting things. We smuggle, with their uniqe and special pieces, the contemporary art into the everyday life. Why is it good? Because this way, it will be close to you, it will be in interaction with you and please you. And this is the main point.

Everybody has

a misson, mine is to decorate my environment or the environment of other people.

How are the Müüska Art Home furniture made?

Unique pieces. Original, antiques decorated with European contemporary artworks. Unrepeatable each.