Marton Romvari

I graduated in 2001 from Painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. I have presented my world that is organized as a form of expression at several single and group exhibitions, international art fairs and auctions through traditional painting techniques and other ways of imagery. In my works the natural forms of the micro and macro world are presented as a kind of simplified essence, and the merging or separating elements are layered on interacting planes to become spatial.

Entering the space of real dimensions, reliefs, objects, sculptures and kinetic works also come into existence in my world from the same source. I curiously watch the change as I wander through the domains of biomorphic imagination, There is no destination, since it’s impossible to reach one, because the nature of the world is to evolve towards entropy. We are constantly on the move, and taking a moment of the journey, we can only record a single moment of the great system of balance.

Marton Romvari’s works