Adel Kiss

Adel Kiss was born in 1982 in Budapest. She currently lives and works here. She graduated in painting at the University of Fine Arts in 2007. Her main interest is painting, but she is also interested in the world of performance and other border areas of painting.

He has always liked to portray people, especially those who live in his immediate vicinity. The personal relationship with the model has always been important to her.

In his art, he often tries to capture moods, holding up a mirror to the viewer or even to himself. However, individual, personal examples also have the potential to be relatable, so that a more general, real-life content that can be applied to everyone is also expressed in his paintings.

He is particularly attracted to strong colours and technical experiments, often using them to heighten the power of the spectacle, to exaggerate in order to express it. In his paintings he works with real scenes and experiences, using photographs and sketches he has made himself.

He is also influenced by installation works, and often attempts to construct his works by assembling the finished painting from several pieces or elements, thus creating a painting installation. This is also an option for a kind of visual game, as the paintings, which are actually one piece, can be rearranged at any time, but are also independent works in their own right.

Recently, he has also been working with watercolour.

Adel Kiss’s works