MÜÜSKA Art Collabs – Limited

Special and distinctive.

A carefully-chosen MÜÜSKA Art collabs – Limited piece of furniture, or a custom-made, one-off set created in cooperation by an interior decorator, designer and MÜÜSKA art consultants, is certain to become a dominant bit in any space. With the right touch and the proper concept, limited-number or tailor-made solutions are ideal for implementing artistic themes even in larger, undivided interior spaces.

Limited-number products made for the interior spaces of classy homes, Art and Boutique hotels, exclusive offices and restaurants – these special pieces or sets represent a fusion of furniture from our professional manufacturing partners and artwork created by our artists.

Amidst a rising demand for stylish, characteristic and exciting interiors, furnishing a home or workplace – not to mention an entire hotel – in a sophisticated, unique and distinctive manner is a delightful, albeit very complex task. No wonder bold and creative solutions realised along clear-cut concepts are gaining popularity when it comes to interior decoration. Beyond sophisticated living spaces and exclusive offices or public spaces, a MÜÜSKA Art Home Limited item may serve as a distinctive attraction for hotels wishing to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, comprehensive, customised concepts drawn up in cooperation by interior decorators, designers and MÜÜSKA art consultants are an option worth considering.

We are ready to make custom-order furnitures also, or create brand new, limited-series furniture and cushions for boutique hotels or restaurants. There are no limits to the arts here, thanks to our expert partners, the works can cover any surface, from custom-made furniture to wallpaper to carpets.

Devising the collaboration of form, function and visual art that makes able for an interior and designers to operate and differentiate with the tools of art, to personalise and thematize a space or a whole facility, express its character while purchasing contemporary pieces of art.”

Different versions for the same hotelroom depending of the artworks

MÜÜSKA Design Dreaming

Art in bedroom

Furniture and contemporary artwork in one, as you can choose the contemporary paining of your preference for the headboard under the “MÜÜSKA Artists” menu.

The bedroom is where we retreat at the end of the day to leave all sorts of baggage and garbs behind in both a physical and emotional sense of the word. This is where we can truly be ourselves. A space that, ideally, belongs to just us or – as a separate entity – the duo formed with a partner. This is where our deepest self, our true personality can roam free.
As a key feature, MÜÜSKA Design Dreaming double beds provide us with a vast surface for all the above. In essence, the headboard of the beds function as monumental paintings on the wall. Furniture and contemporary artwork in one, as the contemporary paining for the headboard can be selected under the “Artists” menu. Moreover, the upholstery on the sides is also custom-made to go with one of the main colours from the painting. This is how a bedroom becomes a crucial scene of self-expression…