World of MÜÜSKA

Júlia Vandlik main MÜÜSKA

Are you ready to colour the World?
Minimalism is not my style.

We all have our own obsessions… this is mine. Devising the collaboration of form, function and visual art that enables people to personalise their own worlds and express their character while purchasing a contemporary piece of art.

That’s why I call MÜÜSKA pieces “furniture pralines”: they add a special flavour to the world.

Sometimes, matching the right piece of art to the given shape, style and era can be difficult, but that’s the beauty of it. After all, rethinking, reinventing and refusing to go with the flow are crucial nowadays.

About Müüska furnitures

We take a photo of the choosen contemporary masterpiece, at a high resolution, then we print them with a special printing technology onto good furniture cloth or other goods. After it we will put them on the restored or new furniture.