World of MÜÜSKA

Júlia Vandlik designer

Dare to think in differently and enjoy it!

Everybody has a mission, mine is to decorate my environment or the environment of other people. Today people have so much to do, and if they want to do it well, it is tiring and depressing. That is why very important to have moments in the life when you can relax and enjoy it. In my opinion the decoration of our home has two aims: on the one hand to make it more comfortable, practical and on the other hand to make our lives more exciting and more entertaining.

And I feel I can add something to this effort, and this way I became the part of this colourful, stirring industry and that is why I call the Müüska furniture to design furniture, even if their base is an antic armchair, this way the world will be more entertaining.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the proper masterpiece to a given shape, style or age but it makes it nice. The reconsideration, and redefining, the thinking in an other way is a very important task today, and it can be my message: be able to reconsiderate, and dare to create and be glad.

About Müüska furnitures

We take a photo of the choosen contemporary masterpiece, at a high resolution, then we print them with a special printing technology onto good furniture cloth or other goods. After it we will put them on the restored or new furniture.